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U.S. government climate control investments: Farce or no farce?

U.S. government climate control investments: Farce or no farce?

Various photos of environment and earth for Examiner article titled "US government climate control investments: Farce or no farce?"
snapshot of Gaia document from Steve Goddard Wordpress article
Global Temperature over land and ocean from 1800 to 2012

According to the document from Gaia dated June 11, 1986, (document snapshot image) our earth was supposed to become extinct 4 years ago (with another source stating 8 years ago). Additional information at blog post "Gaia is Truly Merciful - Grants Earth a 25 year Reprieve From Climate Doom")

On April 14, 2014, former president, Mary Robinson stated global leaders and scientists have 20 years to save the planet, which means we roughly have until 2034/2035 before our planet is going to disappear.

“Alarmists are very lucky that there haven’t been any large eruptions in the last 15 years, because the depravity of their scam would be obvious to everybody” ~~ Steve Goddard

Earth Day is near and in honor of “ED” I sincerely want to stress the “sky-will-fall if we don’t invest $400 billion or more per year” nonsense thrown around by our feathered, liberal friends.

To say "fossil fuel emissions are causing global warming" is mathematically + scientifically preposterous, impossible, and a bunch of more farcical gibberish.

Essentially what the government is advocating is that "cancer causes cigarette smoking."

Consequently, the politicians and our government have this all backwards as do the quaky scientists the government commissioned to scientifically quantify the myths and speculative climate control farce all at the expense of "we the people's" tax dollars.


According to a Columbia University article titled "The Carbon Cycle and the Earth's Climate," our global climate would be significantly cooler even with no CO2 in the atmosphere.

Unfortunately, what the politicians, celebrities, ultra-rich, liberal elitists want "we the people" to believe and to waste our $$$ on is that "our-sky-is-falling" and we can stop this only if we invest billions and trillions of dollars in the next few years (our government never guarantees any of these investments will work nor do they care so long as the liberal elitists and ultra-rich are getting richer).

Despite many scientists' claims of global temperatures rising an average of 2 degrees per year (as far back as 1986), according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change our world has actually increased a fraction of that amount and has been actually cooling off since 1998. Note the global mean temperature graph (see posted photo) global temperature increased roughly 1.53 degrees (or .85C) from 1880 to 2012. (Source: .

Do you agree that we all need to examine why the government is so hell bent on heavily investing in these unsubstantiated climate control programs?


Politicians (all parties and all levels here), celebrities, advocates, and supporters of this nonsense – receive tons of donations for campaign funding for their own selfish interests at “we the people’s” expense. The poor are getting poorer and the middle class are on the brink of extinction.

Not surprisingly, the rich become richer, investors make tons of $$$, politicians stay in office for longer terms, etc., and they do not care if the program doesn't work. All this while "we the people's" taxes are spent on climate control programs that are not substantiated but since investments are made by government insiders, they continue to have inflated bank accounts.

Moreover, there is no proof that what these climate control companies are doing will actually be successful or have any substantial impact. Do you believe technology can win over Mother Nature?

Theoretically, the only math and science relevant is that the climate control quaks hired by our government are getting ultra-rich, becoming million to billionaires all at the expense of "we the people’s" tax dollars.

Consider the growing wealth of Gore, Clinton, Pelosi, liberal celebrities, etc., (to mention a few) all emanating from our government’s climate control propaganda. All while “we the people” keep on getting less opportunity.

It’s not redistribution of wealth that is needed but redistribution of government expenditures that really matter.

Additionally, the tax rates consistently decrease as the rich get richer and middle class taxes increase as their wages decrease.


The Columbia article titled The Carbon Cycle and the Earth's Climate explains the outgassing as well as how photosynthesis works and how the majority of CO2 released is from natural elements (e.g., mid-ocean ridges, volcanoes, rock, plants, trees, animal life, cows, man, etc. and not fossil fuel emissions).

Additionally, the article describes how photosynthesis and respiration are in continual opposing sides and will never balance out. We cannot inject a needle with chemo or antibiotics into the ground and alter our planet's climate.

Not surprisingly, the result is that over geologic time, there is more “oxygen put into the atmosphere and carbon dioxide removed by photosynthesis than the reverse." This is in total contrast to what scientists commissioned by our government have been indicating.

Isn’t it about time that we stop putting our country into more debt over this absurdity thrown upon us by the ultra-rich and liberal elitists via our government who are heavily invested in these bogus climate control programs?

Isn’t it about time we invest in substantial issues such as eliminating our deficit, investing more in our economy, employment, health care insurance reform, technology, sustainable and viable climate control programs, education, military, families, their health, mental illness, defense, etc.?


Sustainabilty is integral for making better decisions for the future of our ecosystems and environment but it must be clearly thought out and planned in a much more organized, integrated scenario and at significantly lower costs. No individuals should be capitalizing on sustainability efforts period! The benefit of sustainability development is that it takes into account everything including social, economic, environment, and viability (meaning viability will guarantee the success of the program).

Do you agree we need to focus on real issues that matter? The government has been working on a backward equation (e.g., "cancer causes cigarette smoking") for several years and our deficit is growing exponentially. We will probably reach a $20 trillion dollar deficit before 2020.

Unequivocally, I hope this puts climate control expenditures into perspective. Our government cannot keep on wasting tax dollars on nonsensical climate control quack programs that simply do not work.

Disappointingly, the current government climate control programs add a few jobs (if any), go to family members, buddies, etc., and few insiders become rich at the expense of making "we the people" poor. The Columbia University article ( ) also describes real facts about the “Greenhouse Effect.”


Earth Day will be celebrating its 45th event (44 years) this coming April 22nd, and I have been supportive of Earth Day since it was first introduced back in 1970. I would not advocate that we all should ignore efforts to conserve energy, water, and recycle, as well as implement solar and alternate fuel. However, they need to become available for public use only when there is valid proof that our atmosphere will positively impact the world with significantly less dollars than current costs.


An article in 2009 by American Thinker reported that a Princeton University professor and former Director of Energy Research at the Department of Energy (1990-1993), presented some of his key findings on climate change and reported that 650 prominent international scientists, including both former and current IPCC participants, have challenged the claims about global warming made by the 52 scientists commissioned by U.N. panel's report. He also stated carbon dioxide (CO2), the compound singled out by the IPCC as a major contributor to global warming, has, in fact, a beneficial compound essential for life on earth.

Moreover, we need to be reminded, that the earth has been changing climates for zillions of years way before America was burning fossil fuels. This article also concludes that current warming period (which actually ended 10 years ago) began in 1800 following the close of the little ice age (1300-1650 AD), which was preceded by a Medieval Warm Period (800-1300 AD) and noted that the little ice age and the Medieval Warm Period were conveniently omitted from the IPCC report.

On all accounts, this fact is valid proof that global warming had nothing to do with fossils fuel burning.

Also worth noting is that over the last 10,000 years since the last ice age, there have been several global warming events. Thus further supporting that climate change has occurred multiple times without actions of mankind. (Source: American Thinker)

Obviously, wasting inordinate amounts of government time and money on climate control programs that bear no guarantee to significantly improve the earth's atmosphere is stupidity. Also, over the past 3 years the U.S. has spent nearly 8 billion dollars of "we the people's" tax monies in other countries for climate programs that we will never know outcomes or if the $$$ are going to the program.

Unfortunately, even if what these 52 scientists reported had any grain of validity, nothing we would do would ever generate a significant difference in our world's atmosphere.

Historically, our government and politicians have been wasting our tax dollars on programs that will have no impact on the forces of Mother Nature, have no proof or guarantee these programs will work, and it’s about time they focus on the more pressing issues.


Regrettably, our government spending is on the verge of increasing debt to $20 trillion before 2020. The government needs to focus on our economy, eliminating debt, improving employment, supply chain sustainability, reforming healthcare, our military, the injured, families of deceased military, mental health, hunger, homelessness, education, etc.

Additionally, as much as I respect and admire Ann Curry, the likes of liberal NBC media, sorry to say, they are riddled with deception and nonsense and propaganda. Many are out of touch with what our country imperatively needs.

Do you think our government is intentionally silencing the hundreds of prominent atmospheric and climate scientists who oppose the existing global warming programs? Do you think climate control is a farce? Isn’t it time our country moves forward instead of backward?


AllThingsDigitalMarketing blog post titled "U.S. government climatecontrol investments: Farce or no farce?" includes additional resources and more photos.

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