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U.S. fighter jets intercepted Russian bombers in protected airspace

Russian bomber
Russian bomber
Wiki Photo

Americans have turned their attention, once again, to the Mideast as ISIS terrorists ramp up across Iraq. But what has missed the radar of civilians, but not our military, are the Russian bombers that have been intercepted over the Pacific Ocean just off the California and Alaska coastlines.

Earlier this month, four Russian TU-95 Bear-H bombers, along with a refueling element, flew into protected airspace off Alaska and were intercepted by American F-22 fighter jets.

Of the four jets, two were said to have “peeled off” and flew south. They too, were intercepted, this time by F-15 fighter jets, most likely from an Air National Guard unit based in Oregon or California.

An official from the North American Aerospace Defense Command indicated this was the first such event since 2012.

The Russian bombers are just another indication that Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin, is flexing his international muscle following the crisis and invasion of Crimea and Ukraine.

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