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U.S. doctors killed: 'Insider attack' leaves 3 Americans dead at Kabul hospital

Three U.S doctors were killed at the Cure International Hospital in Kabul
Three U.S doctors were killed at the Cure International Hospital in Kabul
Photo by Paula Bronstein

Three U.S. doctors killed at the Cure International Hospital in Afghanistan this week are just the latest casualties in the ongoing conflict in the region. The Associated Press via MSN shared the available details on Thursday.

The doctors, along with an American nurse who was wounded, were shot in what is said to be an “insider attack” by someone within the Afghan security force. Two of the doctors involved, according to the AP, were a father and son.

The alleged shooter was injured during the attack and the colleagues of the U.S. doctors killed performed surgery on the shooter. The shooter is said to be in recovery and is being questioned by authorities.

So far it is undetermined whether the Taliban are the ones behind the attack, though it seems suspected and likely. The Cure International Hospital shooting is the second attack like this to happen in the area this month. The last attack, which happened on April 4, involved two journalists from the Associated Press.

American forces are slated to be withdrawn from Afghanistan by the end of the year, but problems in the area persist. An incident such as this with U.S. doctors killed within the hospital where they were trying to do good is especially concerning to many following the strife in the area.