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U.S. Department of Justice files suit against Arizona for Senate Bill 1070 (Part 3)


    Hopefully, not for much longer.  (public domain)

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Obviously, it's wrong. Most people know it's wrong. A majority of people in many states think illegal immigration is a gigantic problem.

A state like Kentucky, where more than 60% of its residents think that Arizona SB 1070 is the right thing to do, are shaping national policy; what with the crippling border issues they have with Ohio, Indiana and Tennessee. All those Ohioans taking all the jobs from hard-working Kentuckians! 

It would be funny if it weren't so sad. The fact that there are majorities in both houses of Congress and a Democratic President in the White House, and yet they allow policy to be shaped by the minority; an even more regressive and ancient policy than they stood for ten years ago. The DOJ suit is a positive step, hopefully; but the fact that it has been three months for this action to be taken is unacceptable.

It goes back to the election in 2008. Voters were led to believe that an honest-to-God liberal was going to be President. In fact, people would have had you think he was a Socialist. President Obama is not a liberal. He's a moderate. He's always been a moderate. This faux-outrage from the left on his governing should be outrage directed toward themselves for getting him elected in the first place.

Look where the social policy has devolved since President Obama took office. In his wrong-headed desire for bi-partisanship.

He's allowed the discussion and policy to include bank bailouts, a health insurance “reform” bill which includes bailouts for insurance companies and no real cost-controls, continued subsidies for an industry which makes more money than any other on Earth, (including half a billion dollars for next year's Department of Defense budget to be spent on fuel and oil provided by, you guessed it, British Petroleum), and now an immigration policy which allows any policeman anywhere in Arizona to pull you over or stop you on the street and ask for your “papers” because you don't look American enough.

This is not even including the Supreme Court, who has, this year, decided that corporations are people, any candidate can get as much money as they want from whomever they want wherever they are in the world, and that everyone should have a gun, anywhere they want.

Arizona SB 1070 is a symptom of a bigger problem. This country is moving backward in a time when most other industrialized nations are taking the opportunity to move forward. The 1950s aren't coming back, and nor should they. It's 2010. The United States should start acting like it, and become the World Leaders we used to be, and we claim to be.

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  • Arizona 5 years ago

    Your lack of understanding in how the law is executed makes everything you just said meaningless. The Arizona law can only be exercised after a crime is first committed. Any person asked for their immigration status who hasn't committed a crime does not have to give it under their 5th amendment right. If they are US citizens, then they should know their rights. As an Arizona citizen I am willing to show my legal residence. Illegal immigration makes those of us who did it the legal way look bad!

  • Kentucky 5 years ago

    Well said Arizona. Just another opinion based on emotion instead of the facts. Pathetic.

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