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U.S. Department of Justice files suit against Arizona for Senate Bill 1070 (Part 2)



  • ClassicFilm 5 years ago

    I looked and found no mention about Rhode Island's own "racist" illegal immigration law, which has been enforced for several years and includes far more harsh measures than AZ's SB 1070 - including police asking about citizenship and deportation of all illegal aliens. DOJ and Team Obama (and liberal journalists, like yourself) are trying to ignore Rhode Island while targetting Arizona's law (which mirrors the federal law that has been on the books for 70 years... Obama wants us to forget that too). If DOJ is so concerned about the constitutionality of SB 1070 and is willing to sue a state over it, what about the sanctuary cities across the nation, which are in CLEAR VIOLATION of federal law? Why are they allowed to arrogantly oppose federal law with no federal punishment?

    Oversight on your part about Rhode Island? Or do you feel RI is OK to have illegal alien laws since it's a blue state and AZ is a red state?

    Shame on your blatant hypocrisy in this piece.

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