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U.S. Army Iraq war veteran saves dog from traffic after pooch hit by car

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U.S. Army Reserve Iraq war veteran, Aaron Schneider made a life-saving decision for a stray beagle who mistakenly wandered out onto Interstate 470E in Lee's Summit, Mo. and was hit by a car on Tuesday afternoon reported

When Schneider noted that the driver who hit the dog didn't stop, Schneider stopped traffic over three lanes to protect the dog too scared and in pain to move. Although the soldier had made an initial attempt to pick the dog up and get him out of traffic, the stressed canine became defensive. It didn't matter to Schneider however, who waited patiently until he could coax the dog off the busy road.

For hours, Schneider waited for Animal Control to arrive after calling 911; in the rain he covered the ailing pooch with his jacket. When the little pooch figured out that his new human friend was there to help, the dog allowed Schneider to lift him up on a makeshift stretcher and rush him to a nearby vet.

The five-year-old beagle was named Buster by the Chipman Road Animal Clinic who medically stabilized him and then transferred him to the Blue Pearl Veterinary Partners where the dog received blood transfusions for his severe internal injuries, torn windpipe, and numerous broken ribs.

The Chipman Road Animal Clinic Facebook provided Friday afternoon's update on Buster stating:

"Chipman Road Animal Clinic Buster is doing great!! He has stabilized since his blood transfusion yesterday and expected to make a full recovery. They are hoping to have him home with Aaron this weekend."

Thanks to the generosity of Friends of KC Animals, the organization has graciously undertaken the responsibility of Buster's veterinary expenses. Please consider donating to this fine organization by clicking here.

Attempts to track down Buster's owners have not been successful, but no need to worry because Aaron Schneider intends to adopt him.

Way to go hero Schneider.

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