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U.S.A. Today Uncerimoniously Dismisses Music Editor Edna Gundersen

For over thirty years, people who love music and wanted the latest information and reviews on all genres of music turned to Edna Gunderson, the music editor of U.S.A. Today. From Prince to Yoko, Edna was there with objective and enthusiastic reporting. Most of all, she is a seasoned journalist; the type I hope to be, and the type she always was.

Edna would consistently fact check and source and double source her information. Whether she was covering rock or punk or country, she did her research, knew her artists, if not literally, metaphorically.

Today started off no differently for Edna. She went to work in her Los Angeles office, and got a phone call from one of the suits in New York. As if he was calling to tell her to call a friend, he brutally and matter of factly told her he was letting her go. No fanfare. "It's just business," he told her. Just business? The woman was going into a 4th decade of a devoted marriage with U.S.A. Today, and the suit in New York had no gratitude and contrition for the harsh way he dismissed one of his most valuable employees.

Does U.S.A. Today think it's going to be easy to replace her? No one can replace her. Do the suits think they can hire a blogger or some social media expert in their 20s who will know 'The Who,' 'Paul McCartney,' 'Yoko Ono,' etc? And I mean literally knows them. She calls, they answer. Barbie von Ken who could "replace" her would walk in and ask who are those people and should they be deleted from a file?

In the time it took me to write this article, I suspect every reputable paper has already offered her a job. That's good. What's not so good was the ending to a marriage where she was 100 percent devoted to while her spouse took her for granted and just kicked her in the face and moved on to the next one. And Lord help him/her. For whomever they hire, there is no way to fill Miss Gundersen's gigantic heels.

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