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U.S.A. Rugby will face off against Rugby Canada this Saturday at Bonney Field

U.S.A. Men's Eagles will face Rugby Canada this Saturday at Bonney Field. This is the second game of the 2014 IRB Pacific Nations Cup series. The Eagles lost to Japan last Saturday 37-29 and this match against Canada is a must win for the team. Kickoff is scheduled for 3:00 P.M. and the game will be held on the pitch at Bonney Field. The game will be nationally televised on NBC Universal Sports and you can follow the game on Twitter @USARugby.

Rugby Canada has beaten the Eagles three times last year and are looking to defeat the upstart Americans again to extend their seven game unbeaten streak against them. Canada lost to Japan in the IRB Pacific Nations Cup opener and dropped last week's game to Scotland. The Eagles are 1-2-1 so far this year and a win against Canada would be bitter sweet. They have qualified for the 2015 IRB Rugby World Cup with a victory against Uruguay 32-13 and a draw 27-27.

Basic rules to the game of rugby are as follows. Each team is allowed fifteen players on each side of the field. The game time is 80 minutes long, 40 each half. When a player is tackled they must release the ball. Players may only pass the ball backwards or sideways. No blocking is allowed by any of the players. Scoring is made when a player makes a "try" in the opposing team's "try zone". Each "try" is worth five points. Afterwards, a conversion point is dropkicked from the place of the "try" and it must be parallel to the "touch lines". A penalty kick is worth three points as is a drop goal and they must make it through the posts.

Penalties come in the form of a yellow and red cards. They are awarded through high tackles or any other unsportsmanlike play. Play is restarted through a "scrum". Eight players are binded together whilst the ball is tossed in the air. A "line-out" is formed when ball play goes over the sidelines. A "ruck" is formed when a player is tackled to the ground and each team close around the ball and contest the ball. The ball then emerges and play continues. Hands are not allowed in the ruck. A "quick tap" is a type of restart chosen by a team after a free-kick or penalty is awarded. Play is restarted when the ball leaves a player’s hand and is tapped by his/her foot.

Tickets for the game are available at For more information about U.S.A. Rugby please visit

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