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U-M's student body president establishes executive task force

The University of Michigan's student body president, Michael Proppe, called for the creation of a task force to determine if there was any wrong-doing in regards to the handling and the timeliness of Brendan Gibbons' disciplinary action concerning his sexual misconduct charge. Last week, Gibbons was permanently separated from U-M because of an incident that occurred in 2009.

According to an article published in the Toledo Blade, “The university is not answering questions about this incident or the investigation surrounding it,” Proppe said Tuesday. “Answers to some of these questions will go a long way in providing some confidence.”

The task force will focus on five issues. The first two are:

  • If the Office of Student Conflict Resolution intentionally delayed the completion of the investigation regarding allegations of Gibbons' sexual misconduct
  • Did the Office of Student Conflict Resolution follow the guidelines of the Statement of Student Rights and Responsibilities

The full document regarding the the task force and their mission can be read here.

There are also questions to whether U-M followed the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). FERPA protects the privacy of students and families and holds that schools cannot release information about students to the general public or a third party. There are some exceptions; one of the exceptions is in the case of a lawfully issued supoena.

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