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U-KISS member shares thoughts on sexy concept

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A member of U-KISS has apologized to fans who may have been offended by the group's sexy new concept.

Kevin Woo, a vocalist in the seven-member group, posted a TwitLonger message to his Twitter Thursday, revealing his feelings on U-KISS' most recent video's material.

In his tweet, Woo said, "I'm part of a group and sometimes being a part of a group and working in the entertainment industry means I don't always have full creative freedom to do things how I wish. This inner conflict that I deal with as a K-Pop artist and group member applies to this situation.'

'I personally do not believe in the behavior portrayed in our music video 'Quit Playing', and the characters we had to portray in this music video were not the characters I chose. I would like to apologize to our fans and viewers who might have been offended by the material in the music video and choreography," he said.

The group released its video for "Quit Playing" on Monday, surprising fans with its highly sexual imagery. The video received a 19+ rating in South Korea, meaning it was intended for viewers 19 years old and older.

In one scene, a girl hovers over Eli while the two are in bed; in another, Hoon and Kiseop have a (clothed) girl pressed between their shirtless bodies as they encircle her. The choreography for the song has also come under fire for resembling sexual acts. Adding fuel to the controversy is the fact that the group's newest member Joon is 17 years old -- he is not even old enough to watch the video he appears in.

The video for "Quit Playing" has racked up nearly 660,000 views since its release Monday.