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U.F.O. Congress in Arizona an out-of-this-world success

U.F.O. Congress 2014 poster
U.F.O. Congress 2014 poster
Photos by Kevin Wierzbicki

The five-day International U.F.O. Congress, held in metro Phoenix last week, ended on Sunday, February 16 after thousands of happy attendees sat in on more than a dozen informative lectures, experienced close encounters with authors and U.F.O. investigators and shopped to their heart’s content for U.F.O.-related merchandise.

Each day of the U.F.O. Congress offered lectures by personalities like George Noory of the Coast to Coast A.M. radio show, crop circle specialist Patty Greer and Kim Carlsberg, author of “Beyond My Wildest Dreams: Diary of a U.F.O. Abductee.” A typical day at the Congress went something like this: On Thursday, February 13, the first full day of the gathering, lectures began with a talk by Kewaunee Lapseritis, who shared his vast knowledge of the Sasquatch People. Lapseritis mentioned that he’s seen a Sasquatch eight times in the physical in his 57-years of experience and he’s also had telepathic communications with the interdimensional beings many times. Kewaunee has racked-up so much interaction with the Sasquatch People that he’s often fondly referred to as The Sasquatch Whisperer. Lapseritis’ lively talk was followed by Don Schmitt’s presentation entitled “Inside the Real Area 51: The Secret History of Wright Patterson,” hypnotherapist Yvonne Smith’s dissertation on working with abductees and a presentation from astrobiologist Richard Hoover entitled “Is Life Restricted To Planet Earth?”

The vendor area was busy every single minute that the Congress was in session. Most of the speakers appeared here for informal meet-and-greets and folks like Lapseritis gladly autographed the books that they were selling. Tables overflowed with free informative pamphlets and all kinds of goodies for sale; crystals and other gem specimens, tons of books and an array of back issues of magazines like Fate and Paranoia were at hand as were a wide variety of U.F.O.-related clothing items, including, for the connoisseur, U.F.O.-themed underwear. The Congress was sponsored by Open Minds Magazine and they also had on hand a good stock of back issues as well as DVDs featuring the programs of previous gatherings.

Q&A sessions, cocktail parties, a film festival, “experiencer sessions” and a nighttime sky watch also added to the fun. This year’s event was held at the Radisson Fort McDowell Resort & Casino in the Fountain Hills/North Scottsdale area; for information on the 2015 U.F.O. Congress, Open Minds Magazine and all things U.F.O.-related, visit the Open Minds Magazine website.