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Tyson Chandler tall guy receipt: 7'1" Knicks player dubbed tall guy on receipt

Tyson Chandler
Photo by Robin Marchant

Tyson Chandler was identified as "tall guy" on a receipt from a burrito stand and he posted about it on Instagram. As Bleacher Report points out, the Knicks center really is a "tall guy," standing at 7'1" and everyone notices -- even the people taking his burrito order. This isn't uncommon either... often times people will be referred to by something they are wearing (red hat, green coat) or a feature (blonde hair).

"So I go to the local burrito stand & this is how they remember Yo Boy?!?! sMH #YesImTall #Really? #You'reJustShort (sic)," Chandler wrote as the caption for the photo he posted on Instagram for all to see.

Tyson Chandler's tall guy receipt was pretty funny because the person who wrote it didn't choose to write his name. Perhaps Chandler wasn't recognized or the employee didn't know his name -- and that's fine. It sounds like Chandler was just joking around and that he thought it was funny to be called "tall guy," but you never know. Sometimes people don't like being identified by their features and would prefer to go by their name.

If the employee really needed to identify Chandler, he or she should have just asked him for a name for the order. Evidently "tall guy" was quick and easy... and now it's all over the Internet.

Tyson Chandler's tall guy receipt can be seen above. Do you think Chandler was mad about it or do you think he has a good sense of humor?

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