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Tyrone DuBose talks about his top ten list of 2014

Tyrone Dubose sticks to his goals
Fred Thomas

We are almost half way through the New year and where are you on YOUR list of resolutions?

Tyrone DuBose, the voice behind Timeless Traxx is taking 2014 by storm. Timeless Traxx radio show is the countdown of the top R&B songs in America. The hour long countdown is based on the top 30 songs in America over the last 6 decades, according to the National R&B Charts based on their peak position and has become the fastest growing old-school countdown in America. Mr. DuBose is more than a host; he researches and writes each show based on the history of the song; along with giving the date the song enters the chart. The show reaches over 40 stations around the world. In addition to his countdown, he is soaring forward to live out his dreams and making leaps and bounds in 2014.

My next question was how, why and what are you doing to achieve your goals for 2014? He and his smooth, sexy, soothing voice are moving on up to the next level by gaining a featured spot as a music contributor on the TV One’s hit series Unsung. He credits all his gifts and attributes to GOD, faith, focus and follow through, with a large dose of hard work and discipline. His drive is fueled by a colon cancer scare 3 years ago. This diagnosis was a life-changing event.

On June 1, 2014, we will reach six months into the New Year and guess what? He can honestly state he has already reached the top ten list he set for himself in late December 2013 for his path for 2014. Seriously speaking as a cancer survivor, after fighting for his life, he decided to become educated on the disease. Therefore, dedicating the remainder of his life to a healthy living process, he drinks a gallon of water each day, gets plenty of rest, takes vitamins and follows a sensible diet. The doctors are very impressed with how well he is doing. One of his top ten goals was increasing exercise. Therefore, he is faithfully exercising with a personal trainer three days a week.

Proceeding down his list, he wanted to gain more stations for the Timeless Traxx show. He is proud to say the show has moved from National to International syndication with shows in the United Kingdom, Greece, and Spain. Recently, he has now signed on to do a Television show called Timeless Traxx Top 20, a program much like his radio show. Additionally, he was on tour with his brother, famous comedian AJ Jamal. He can be reached on Facebook, Twitter, (@timelesstraxx) or his website

He encourages everyone to set a 90-day challenge and stick to it; that is how is able to reach his goals. Tyrone dedicated his life to helping and encouraging others to follow their dreams by taking action to fulfill their deepest desires. He also attributes his success and dedication to God, his family and good friends like Kym Whitley. They are all in his corner helping him achieve his goals. He states working for Kym Whitley as her road manager taught him extreme discipline and professionalism, for which he is very grateful.

Finally, his model is planning his work and working his plan. He encourages all to stop placing themselves on trial and recommends that all humans learn to genuinely love and respect each other by starting with the person in the mirror. Additionally, promise to stop being so hard on yourself and start loving yourself. Learn to forgive yourself and others. Life is too short for transgressions and grudges.

I truly love speaking to Tyrone DuBose. He is one of the most positive, goal-oriented people I know. Although, I must admit I have not completed my top ten or even five for 2014. I realize there are six months left. So let us all take some helpful hints from Tyrone to get back on the Track! We still have six months left.

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