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Tyrians will have to 'Escape from Lion's Arch' in the next 'Guild Wars 2' update

ArenaNet revealed on Monday that the main city hub of "Guild Wars 2" is about to be sacked. The living story arc will bring terror to the city in an update called "Escape from Lion's Arch."

Lion's Arch before anything too terrible happens

Scarlet Briar will move on Lion's Arch on Feb. 18. Gamers will help the Orders get citizens out of the city for their own safety. Although nothing is solid, it's likely that players will have to fight back in an effort to retake Lion's Arch; if they can. More of the story behind Scarlet and her forces occupying Lion's Arch were divulged to Massively. Major characters to the narrative, like Marjory Delaqua and Braham Eirsson, are mentioned.

Developers also confirmed that major services of the city, like Asura gates and Fractals, will be moved to Vigil Keep in the Gendarran Fields. Lion's Arch will still be explorable for world completion; however, it many prove more difficult after the update.

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