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Tyrese Landrum accused of killing his mother

Tyrese Landrum has been charged with killing his mother
Tyrese Landrum has been charged with killing his mother
Lee County Sheriff's Office; Provided to media

A teen has been arrested and charged with the murder of his mother, according to this Sunday night news report. Tyrese Landrum, 15, was taken into custody after several police interviews when the discovery of his mother's body was made by police officials. The details of this story are still developing, but what has come to the media is downright disturbing.

A missing persons report was filed on August 24 for 42-year-old Tamara Jean Davis, which wasn't reported in the media until the discovery of her body -- which wouldn't have happened had someone not called police about the odor coming from the home she shared with her teenage son. A neighbor of the slain woman said that the odor wafted through the whole neighborhood. She told this media source about telling the police about the smell:

"I told him [The officer], 'Sir, I believe that her body is in there,' and he says, 'Well, we've looked around and haven't found nothing.' And I said, 'That is death's smell. I know death's smell, and that's death.'"

These are indeed disturbing details, but the truly disturbing details are being kept from the public -- such as how the 42-year-old mother was murdered, and why the teen did it. Hopefully those details are released to the public soon, but it's most important that investigators can get down to the bottom of things and bring some kind of closure or justice to the surviving family members.