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Tyrants who are saying nothing tip their hand

Gun rights activists say they will resist any new gun control measure.
Gun rights activists say they will resist any new gun control measure.
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An episode in the old television series "Perry Mason" from the late 1957 to 1965 had the famous criminal lawyer solving a case based on the fact that a dog did not bark in the night when a murder was committed.

The dog was known for being a very good watchdog and would alert its owners to anything unusual going on near the house and property. But on the night of a murder in the house, neighbors said that the dog did not bark.

This led Mason to conclude that the murderer was someone that the dog knew. And this led to an experiment in the courtroom where Mason demonstrated how vicious the dog could be if strangers approached one of the owners.

Then, a man was brought into the courtroom who had testified previously that he had never been near the house of the victim, nor had he ever had contact with his dog. But as soon as the man walked into court, the dog's entire demeanor changed. His stance changed from being on guard and ready to snarl at any stranger to one of wagging his tail and whining.

And when the dog was turned loose from his leash, he immediately went straight to the man and licked his hand, tail wagging. The man had been caught red-handed. The dog did not bark the night of the murder because not only did he know the murderer but he saw the murderer as a friendly presence.

The Perry Mason episode is based loosely on a short story by Arthur Conan Doyle in his much beloved Sherlock Holmes series. And, as Mike Vanderboegh correctly observes, this lesson has enormous ramifications for the current ongoing battle for gun rights in states where collectivist types wish to disarm their citizens.

According to Vanderboegh, many among the recipients of his "Toys for Totalitarians" operation, during which he sent empty standard sized gun magazines to various politicians and others who live in states where such magazines have been banned, have been totally silent on the issue. No comment one way or the other. Zilch.

Why would this be?

Here Vanderboegh picks up the narrative:

The odd thing about the Toys for Totalitarians campaign is the almost total absence of both press coverage and official reaction from the recipients in the four affected states and the District of Columbia. Apart from Connecticut, where there was some small coverage by the Red Queen here and here and the official response (see here and here), the silence has been bloody deafening.

Even odder is the silence from the usual suspects in the citizen disarmament lobby such as CSGV, the government-monopoly-of-force advocates, who are usually so quick to trumpet my "seditionist" and "insurrectionist" moves.

Earlier reports indicated that over 300 of these magazine were sent to recipients in four states, including governors, legislators, mainstream media reporters, and such. Yet no one as of yet will even acknowledge that this operation took place and that they were recipients.

Vanderboegh continues,

Yet even the so-called "gun rights" media has been ignoring the story, apart from David Codrea, Kurt Hofmann and Anthony Martin.

I wouldn't have expected the "prags" to cover it, of course. I have always made them nervous and occasionally, apoplectic. But there are others who I would have expected some coverage out of. Nada.

As far as the politicians, most of them (especially Hickenlooper) should be nervous about the local and national politics of pursuing me. Malloy's irritation evidently exceeded his national ambitions, and there is a rumor (and rumor only) that O'Malley is highly pissed at me for telling him to "kiss me arse" in Gaelic and that pursuant to his ire, a grand jury may be opened on me in Maryland next week. (Again, this is unconfirmed.)

All of this is rather odd. One would think that even if the mainstream media ignored it, and the politicians of the gun ban crowd ignored it, that at least we could count on the gun rights media. But even there the news stories have been few and far between.

So, why aren't the dogs barking?

A friend of Vanderboegh postulates a good theory:

A friend of mine posited that this is because the campaign of armed civil disobedience to these latest tyrannical state laws represents something that, to use his words, "makes the gun grabbers piss their pants." He believes that they are used to the political and propaganda game and the traditional rules that govern that game. "What they can't stand . . . what they fear most . . . is that they are going to run into people who not only refuse to play the game but threaten to tip over the game board and dare them to do anything about it." Another friend commented, "They are like the Wizard of OZ and don't want anybody to pull back the curtain" to expose how ineffectual they really are when faced with the Law of Unintended Consequences that might have personal ramifications for them.

"They aren't paying attention to you publicly precisely because you scare them to death privately," said another. "They don't want anybody else to get the idea and put it (armed civil disobedience and smuggling) into practice."

The thing is, though, much to the horror of the tyrants, many "anybody elses" are already involved in the resistance in various and sundry ways. Their worst fear, thus, has already come upon them. While not all may be smuggling or sending magazines into states where they are forbidden, in their own way and using their own skill set they are thwarting the march of the tyrants in this country. And the more the tyrants double down on their plans and tactics, the more widespread and vehement the resistance.

Do not underestimate the resolve and the resilience of a patriot who is determined to secure God-given rights and to protect those rights.


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