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'Tyrant:' Violence and subjugation over freedom and reason

Ashraf Barhom plays presiden Jamal Al-Fayeed in Tyrant
Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Last night on “Tyrant” the story continued of a nation in turmoil due to 20 years of dictatorship by a ruthless man who used violence to subdue the people, refuses to live in silence and the fight for change has began.

The youngest brother ‘Barry’, who returned after 20 years of living in the U.S.A. tries to make sense of the national ordeal by talking to both sides of the conflict, his brother to not use violence and the revolutionaries to express their opinions without fear of persecution. But both sides are mistrustful of each other and refuse to give in, the current president Jamal, on one side is given advise by a general who believes torture and death will solve all problems and then his younger brother ‘Barry’ who assures the opposite is the only way to resolve the matter.

And then the subplots which are just as engrossing, ‘Sammy’ Al-Fayeed –Noah Silver- Molly and ‘Barry’s 16 year old son wishes to be with a young man who is afraid of what will become of him, if the truth is found about his sexuality, ‘Sammy’ tries to understand, but his heart tells him otherwise. And ‘Emma’ –Anne Winters- a well read 11th grader, who sees the struggle in the nation and the inhumanity of those in power who refuse to listen to the people and give them the personal freedoms that all respectable and law-abiding citizen is entitled to enjoy.

‘Molly’ –Jennifer Finnigan- Barry’s wife is trying to support her husband in the desire of this to assist his older brother in the initial days of his presidency, however, is becoming aware of a history of tyranny and subjugation of the people that goes as far as forbidding them to speak of a national tragedy in which the former president allowed for protesters to be killed with chemical weapons, or to even watch television and be informed. Recaps and episodes can be watched online at

“Tyrant” runs on Tuesday at 10 p.m. EDT on FX.

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