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'Tyrant:' The need to correct wrongs

Adam Rayner from Tyrant
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Last night on “Tyrant” this new and fascinating story continued with Dr. Bassam “Barry” Al-Fayeed, -Adam Rayner-, along with wife and kids being removed from the plane, he had hoped would take them away from a land and a life he has strived to escape and succeeded for 20 years, but now it has brought him back.

Jamal, -Ashraf Barhom-, the eldest son and heir to the presidency, following their father’s death, is in the hospital after an assassination attempt, and Barry is thus expected to step up and take control for the time being. A power he has no desire to acquire and just wants to go back home; however, the nation is going through civil unrest and on the verge of civil war and following the kidnapping of his nephew’s wife, Barry finds himself going to the kidnappers and securing her release after promising the young kids that there won’t be any charges filed against them, but his uncle a ruthless man who longs for a military dictatorship assassinates the kids as they lay on the ground right before Barry’s stunned eyes.

There are flashbacks of Barry as a young kid growing up in a land he dreaded and with a father he resented for treating his older brother with an iron fist and an unfairness that made him sick. He recalls a time as he and his brother along with their father confronted dissenters and the father demands the older brother to murder a man, but this refuses and so Barry gets out of the car and shots the man twice, just so that his father would leave the elder brother alone and not force him to do something the boy feared. Also, it is revealed that young Barry had a brief relationship with Leila, -Moran Atias-, who is now married to Jamal and begged Barry not to leave their native land.

This is a fascinating story of personal strife to do what the individual feels is right for his own well being, but the struggle that comes along with going against the family and cultural demands that regardless of how much are fought still return time after time asking to be heeded and dealt with. Recaps and information on "Tyrant" can be found online at

“Tyrant” runs on Tuesday at 10 p.m. EDT on FX.

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