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'Tyrant:' Family and struggle on a grand scale

Adam Rayner and Jennifer Finnigan from Tyrant
Adam Rayner and Jennifer Finnigan from Tyrant
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

The new original series “Tyrant” began on Tuesday night, this is a compelling and poignant show that introduces Dr. Bassam ‘Barry’ Al-Fayeed, -Adam Rayner-, who resides in California along with his wife Molly Al-Fayeed, -Jennifer Finnigan-, and their teen-age daughter and son, and his inner struggle of their upcoming return to his homeland, and visiting his family for a wedding. He has not visit them in 20 years, and it is indeed dreadful to visit the family in his case though, his father is a dictator in the Middle East nation of Abbudin, an attitude that has hit Dr. Al-Fayeed’s brother Jamal –Ashraf Barhom- square in the face and has never let him go. Memories of a violent, sadistic and maddening youth plagues Dr. Al-Fayeed’s every moment, recalling his older brother Jamal gentle and sensitive nature that was broken down by the inhumane and horrific temper of a father whose only concern is dominating everything and everyone around him at all cost.

The dictator has turned the elder brother into a sadistic, murdering rapist feared by everyone even his own self, after all such is not his true nature, however, when forced to go against one’s beliefs, the inner rage and frustration must manifest is some way and he can only hope such inhumanity will please the father, but this remains just as demanding and uncaring towards the one seeking his attention. All the love and respect the dictator has is lavished instead on the younger son, Dr. Al-Fayeed who left, only wishing to escape a life of violence and domination.

The family arrives and wife and kids are fascinated by the ostentatious luxury in which a handful lavish themselves, while the rest of the nation is shown ravaged by poverty and discontent. Dissenters of the regime have threatened to bomb the wedding, and so Jamal by order of his father confronts the one who somewhat has power of the dissenters’ leader auguring the violence about to befall them all and Jamal’s brutality is shown as he just about dismembers the man, however, his younger brother more calm and wishing to save the other man from agony advises for another course to prevent the tragedy.

The wedding takes place and the dictator who is delusional believing he has provided a good living for his entire nation collapses and is quick to summon his younger son to his side and there voices his respect for him and expresses his desire for him to take over the reins of the nation, thus, dismissing his older son, who has worked his entire life to gaining some form of admiration. The overall premise is not new, how often in life is the one seeking attention not getting his due, but the one indifferent and forging his own path receiving accolades and praise.

“Tyrant” runs on Tuesday at 10 p.m. EDT on FX.