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Tyranny watch: "We won't be able to vote ourselves out of this"

Barack Obama doubles down on his lawlessness.
Barack Obama doubles down on his lawlessness.
Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

In light of the coordinated and relentless bombardment of the Obama administration against every known liberty that undergirds this constitutional republic, a sobering consensus is emerging among tyranny watchdogs that the country as we know it is already gone. Obama and his enablers in the administration, the Congress, and the courts have succeeded in painting into a corner anyone who would oppose the present course of action. One watchdog stated bluntly, "We won't be able to vote our way out of this."

The reason that the upcoming election will not correct the present state of affairs is that Obama and his ilk have already stacked the deck against any and all opposition. Open your mouth against him, and you are automatically a racist. Tell him he is wrong, and he will tar you as evil. Try to impeach him for his crimes, and he will put his vast political machine in the media, the Democratic Party, and academia to work to discredit you with every known method of character assassination available. Democrats in the Senate will refuse to act to bring decency and integrity back into the process and instead will ascribe to you every known evil known to man, including casting you as a homegrown terrorist. All of their integrity is gone. All of it. Their only goal is to shove the Obama agenda down our throats before they get ousted.

Obama has also loaded up the courts with appointees, especially in the D.C. circuit, who will take his side on all matters that come before them. And if they happen to get an attack of integrity every now and then and bump an issue up to the Supreme Court, there is always a turncoat imbecile like John Roberts who, out of the blue, will find a way to take Obama's side even if he has to make up law as he goes along.

In addition, voting in the midterm elections may be useless as well if Obama is allowed to succeed in granting amnesty, by executive order alone, to multimillions of illegal aliens just prior to the November elections. He is now in a mad dash to make sure there are enough illegals here who will somehow be allowed to vote so that Democrats cannot lose in November. They are currently bringing in enough freeloaders who will vote for Democrats regardless, enough to make the difference in dozens of House seats and even U.S. Senate seats.

And the resident lunatic of the House, Nancy Pelosi, will be out there bigtime claiming that these freeloaders are "just like Jesus." Not only is the woman nuts but she engages in blasphemy every chance she gets when a vote may be close, twisting words of scripture in a manner that one would think that the Christian Gospel is a Marxist document.

Some who are well trained and knowledgeable in the field of "abnormal psychology" are now saying that people like Obama, Pelosi, Holder, Podesta, Hillary Clinton, and Harry Reid are either certifiably nuts or pure evil, each with personality disorders that express themselves in rank narcissism that can easily turn deadly. And if one happens to have antisocial tendencies on top of it, they are incapable of feeling true empathy for anyone. They are so self-focused and self-absorbed that a genuine empathic response to other people is impossible for them. But it gets worse. So severe is this lack of capacity for empathy that they often can and do carry out acts of violence toward others, especially toward those who oppose them in any way whatsoever. Emotionally speaking, they never grew up. They are like preschoolers who throw tantrums because they didn't get their way. And the worst cases will kill other people to get rid of that opposition.

So what is there to be done if all normal courses of action have been rendered useless? Is there anything that can be done? The answer is yes, there is plenty that can be done, but it must be done outside of the normal correctives that most Americans have come to expect. Debate, impeachment, court action, and elections will no longer do the job. Thus, the solutions must come from elsewhere. That elsewhere can be described as Fourth Generation Warfare, the Stealth War, or various and sundry other names that denote a reasoned and carefully crafted new type of warfare that is not focused on guns, tanks, ammo, but on outsmarting one's enemy with tactics that aim at defanging them.

This would mean, as Mike Vanderboegh puts it, defy, resist, evade, and smuggle.

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