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Tyranny of Democrats, Senate Majority Leader Reid thwarted from seizing property

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Federal agents withdrew Sunday, April 13, from their initial seizure and siege of Nevada rancher, Cliven Bundy, returning his cattle and removing snipers from his land. Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) has condemned the rancher as a law break for doing what he has been doing for decades. It has come to light that his son is interested in acquiring this land, which resulted in the people rallying around the rancher and driving back the feds, but the threats from the criminal tyrants in charge are getting worse.

Federal agents steal rancher’s property and threaten lives of citizens

Obama and Reid are being accused of using their power of government to oppress people like this rancher and farmers in southern California where the government has turned off their water supply to steal property and enrich themselves, their families, and their friends at the expense of citizens. Following this setback they announced they plan to renew their attack through “legal means” to force compliance with their mandates. Citizens of Nevada are standing firmly with Mr. Bundy to keep his property and continue to be able to feed and water his cattle on land the federal government says is not his to use.

Federal government promises more legal action against Nevada rancher

Reid’s son stands to profit from seizing citizen’s property

Obama Democrats looking to profit from people’s life savings

Tyranny of Democrats, Obama and Reid seizing property and savings