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Tyra Banks sequel: 'Life-Size' sequel is happening

Tyra Banks
Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Tyra Banks is now confirming that her movie "Life-Size" will be having a sequel. The news came out from USA Today back in January, but more information is coming out since then. Tyra did confirm that this movie would be happening and that it is very modern. It sounds like a good one that fans are going to want to see.

The rumors have been flying for a while now and everyone is excited to hear that there will be another one. It is the perfect time to pull out the original one and have your kids watch it. This will make them excited for the new one that is coming out.

Now she is speaking out about it. On Wednesday, US Magazine shared about what Tyra has to say about this new movie. She announced it was coming in January but has been pretty quiet about it ever since then. Now she is finally sharing some information on the new sequel.

They are still in the very early stages of writing the movie. Tyra was asked if Lindsay Lohan will return. She said, "Right now, we haven't spoken to Lindsay, but you never know! She'd be like, 'Hey Eve doll, you used to be my Barbie and I'm over you!' She's a woman now!"

This movie won't be coming out until at least 2015. The only big spoiler that she is sharing that this movie will be a very modern film. They are still working on the writing so there isn't much information out. It is unknown if it will be in theaters or just go straight to DVD to watch at home. Tyra Banks is excited about the new movie that is coming out though. Fans will have to just wait for this sequel to "Life-Size."

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