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Types of Thermal Scopes

ATN Thor 320-6x 320x240 Thermal Sight
ATN Thor 320-6x 320x240 Thermal Sight
ATN Night Vision Riflescope

When you are selecting a Thermal weapon sight, ensure you choose the right one. There are various kinds of Thermal scopes that are available for the interested users. There are many people who would like to shop online for these devices. For them it is more important that they know what kind of stuff they require. Basically there are 2 types of thermal scopes available: thermal scopes with clip and stand alone ones. Similarly there are various brands as well. ATN Thor thermal scope is an American product that is quite well known with the users.

As stated earlier, if you broadly categorize the thermal weapon sights they are 2 in number. The stand alone sight is similar to the regular and traditional daytime rifle scope. It has an internal reticle and will easily mount to the rail. You can further adjust the windage and elevation as per your convenience. These stand alone thermal weapons are also designed for the military. The USP of the military scopes is that they are durable and can be used for years without interruption. The US Army TWS is the most well known type in this regard. If you judge the cons of these devices then there is one. Once you zero it with a firearm, the thermal weapon sight will almost become dedicated to that one weapon. To avoid such a situation you can opt for a separate daytime and nighttime firearm. for civilian this is not a difficult task but for military personnel's, this is not a likely solution.

In this regard, the clip on thermal rifle scopes are of much help. in fact these were built to meet the requirements of the military forces. These forces require a device that can be used in both day and night times without being required to zero it again and again. With the ‘clip on’ feature you need not rezero your scope whenever you use it. When you use the scope during daytime, the clip on will find the target. The best part is you need only a single firearm to use it during both day and night.

The thermal scopes are built in such a way that these can be used in complete darkness as well. It can easily identify the heat signatures. There are various devices that offer you 320 x 240 microbolometer core. The OLED display is a high resolution one that can easily recognize and display the IR wavelengths.

Thus, when you opt for a thermal scope make sure what is your purpose. for online purchases there are several online portals which sell these devices. But it will be easier for you when you know what kind of stuff you want.