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Types of personal training education

Female studying
Female studying
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It’s important, as a trainer, to not only hold a certification, but also attain some form of education. In this highly competitive field, having education can set you apart from the next trainer out there. There are several options when it comes to education:

1) Onsite.

  • Good old Purdue University has its own 4 year degree’s in health and fitness and exercise physiology. Great option for those interested in furthering their career that also have the time needed for completing a bachelors degree.
  • National Personal Training Institute (NPTI) provided an onsite personal training program. Though not as in depth as a bachelor’s degree, NPTI does provide a good framework for those interested in becoming a fitness professional in 4 months to a year (depending on the program). This is also a cheaper alternative to a bachelors degree (around $6,000 or so).

2) Online

  • Thomas Edison State College provides online educational certificates in fitness and health. They’re programs are the cheapest alternative out of the three. Since they are online, you can take them from home without ever having to travel to the school. The programs can be completed in 10-18 weeks.

All three options above are great. It merely depends on what fits into your schedule and life the best. For more information on becoming a personal trainer, check out: Questions to ask before becoming a fitness professional


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