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Types of mediumship

There are several types of mediumship
There are several types of mediumship
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Mediumship is the ability for a person from the physical plane to communicate with those from the spirit world. A medium can communicate with the spirits of people, animals, guides, angels, and other beings. Not every human has the ability to interact with the dead. Being able to do so is considered a gift. Although some can only use one, there are several types of mediumship that people on the physical plane are able to use.

Direct voice mediumship

This type of mediumship is sometimes portrayed in the movies. Although it can happen in any setting, it is common during séances. This happens when the spirit uses the medium as a vessel to communicate directly with his or her loved one. The medium makes the connection between the spirit and physical worlds and the spirit communicates directly through the medium. The mediums voice box and vocal cords aren’t used during the process. The voice that is heard is that of the spirit.

Healing mediumship

Healing mediumship enables spirits to send healing energies to people in the physical world. The healing energy that is sent can help heal emotional, mental, physical, and/or spiritual problems in the human form. The medium acts as a channel for the energies to flow through.

Mental mediumship

Mental mediumship is the most common form of mediumship. Mediums that use mental mediumship use telepathy to communicate with spirits. These mediums are able to feel, hear, and/or see mental images from the spirit world. There are three forms of mental mediumship. The first is clairvoyance, which is the ability for the medium to see the mental images from the spirit world. The second is called clairaudience, which is the ability to hear messages from spirits. The last form of mental mediumship is clairsentience. This is the ability for mediums to sense the spirits and what their messages.

Physical mediumship

During this type of mediumship, the medium is able to produce noticeable physical phenomenon that can be witnessed by others. Phenomena that have been witnessed during physical mediumship include; levitation, drafts, noises, object appearing from nowhere, apparitions, and direct voice communication.

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