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Types of divination: Lithomancy

Smooth gemstones can be used as lithomancy stones.
Smooth gemstones can be used as lithomancy stones.
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Divination is the art of using various tools and/or special powers to foretell the future and sometimes, see the past. Tarot cards, candle flames, numbers, pendulums, the palm of the hand, and other tools can be used to divine the future. Lithomancy is a form of divination that uses stones to foretell events that are to come.

Mentions of lithomancy can be found in ancient myths, customs, and religious texts all over the world. Stones and gems were believed to help one foretell the future. It was also believed that they could help a person see what had happened in the past. Some stones and gems were also used for medicinal purposes because of their healing properties.

The stones

Individuals that use this form of divination choose the stones that they want to use based on personal preference. Some people use everyday stones. Others use smooth gemstones. Many sets of casting stones are etched with symbols. There are 13 stones in a set of lithomancy stones. Each stone is different in color and/or size, and represents something different. The stones represent the sun, the moon, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, and Venus. The other 6 stones represent more personal things; health, life, love, magic, luck, and news. Most people keep their stones safe by storing them in a drawstring bag when they aren’t being used.

Lithomancy methods

The stones can be placed or cast around a candle that is resting on a black cloth. The room is usually dark. The color of the reflection cast by the flame of the candle on the stones is read. If the reflection is blue the person may come into good luck, good health, tranquility, peace, or some form of healing may be happening. A colorless reflection could mean happiness. Red reflections would have something to do with love. If the reflection is pink, it could mean affection, trust, or security. Each color seen has a different meaning.

Special cloths can be made or purchased for lithomancy divination. These cloths are printed with quadrants that have different meanings. When the stones are cast, they will land on separate parts of the cloth, or in clusters. Where and how they land help determine the meaning.

Another method of lithomancy involves leaving the stones in the drawstring bag. Stones are picked directly from the bag and the meanings are read as they are chosen.

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