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Types of Birth Control

There are several types of birth control also called contraception that you can choose from, below are a few of them:

Abstinence, birth control implant, birth control patch, birth control pill, birth control shot, birth control sponge, cervical cap, male condom, female condom, diaphragm, IUD, spermicidal, NuvaRing, Vasectomy for men, tubal litigation for women, and the morning-after pill used for emergency contraception.

Some of the above work better than others and really nothing is full proof except abstinence.

Abstinence means restraint from indulging oneself in the act of sex, other words not having sex at all.

If you are having trouble deciding which birth control method is best for you seek advise from your gynecologist or your primary care physician for information on the best type of contraception for you to use.

Some women have to try different kinds before they get the right fit health wise.

There are side effects with everything you take even birth control medications. After you start taking a new medication if you show any signs or symptoms of anything out of the ordinary be sure to speak with your doctor right away he/she may need to stop your medication and try something new.

Visit WomensHealth for more information on birth control and other health problems that women encounter.

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