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Types of auto insurance

There are several different types of auto insurance coverage. Whether you’re experienced at buying auto insurance, or if you’re still asking what is an insurance deductible, it is important to understand the differences between all of them
A liability policy will only provide funds to cover the damage caused by the policy holder to the injured parties in the case of a car accident or other vehicle mishap. These policies usually only give enough insurance coverage to meet the minimum coverage levels required by the driver's state of residence. If and when a policy holder causes an accident, this type of policy will only pay out to have the victim’s car repaired or replaced. It will also pay the medical bills of the victims up to the coverage limit of the policy. If damages exceed this amount, the policy holder will have to pay out of his or her own pocket.
Collision insurance policies typically cost a little more than a basic liability policy, but they will give funds to a policy holder to repair or replace his or her vehicle in the event that he or she causes an auto accident. In addition, these types of policies provide funds for the victim of the accident to have his or her vehicle repaired or replaced. Coverage for medical bills from the accident is also provided. It is important to note, however, that collision policies do not cover any damage to a car that is caused by crime or a natural disaster.
A theft and fire only policy will provide coverage in the case that the vehicle is stolen or gets set on fire. It provides no coverage for any valuables in the car or any other type of vandalism or damage (including storm damage).
Finally, a comprehensive or full coverage auto insurance policy will provide coverage for just about anything that could ever possibly happen to or with a car. Comprehensive insurance policies provide coverage for a lot more than just accidents. Damage or loss caused by events such as vandalism, theft, and natural disasters are all routinely covered under these types of policies.