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Types of after-death communication

There are several ways ghosts can communicate with the dead
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When a person passes away, family members and friends often like to know the deceased person has moved on to a better place. The living may also want to know that their family member or friend is still around every once in a while. There are many ways that the spirits of the deceased try to communicate with the living. After-Death Communication (ADC) can happen in many ways.

After-Death Communication occurs with the spirit of the deceased finds a way to communicate with a living friend or relative. There are many recorded cases of this phenomenon. The living person is contacted directly and it is usually a spontaneous occurrence. A medium is not needed for an ADC to occur. There are several types of After-Death Communication.

Auditory ADC’s

A common type of After-Death Communication, Auditory ADC’s occur when the voice of the deceased is heard by the living. Sometimes the voice is heard in the ears. Other times, the voice comes through telepathy and is heard in the mind. Hearing the spirits favorite music even when no music is playing is also a form of auditory ADC.

Nature ADC’s

Spirits often use nature to send messages to their loved ones. Symbols from nature may include favorite flowers, birds, other types of animals, rainbows, or a single gust of wind. An example of this type of After-Death Communication is not seeing any of your favorite bird in your yard and asking your deceased mother to send you some on Mother’s Day. When that day comes, there are several of your favorite birds in your back yard eating from the feeders.

Olfactory ADC’s

Sometimes spirits will send their loved ones familiar scents as a form of communication. Common odors are perfume and cologne, flowers, tobacco, aftershave, lotion, and favorite foods. It is not uncommon for two or more people to smell the familiar scent at the same time.

Out of body ADC’s

This type of ADC happens when a person is asleep or in a deep meditative state. The person leaves their physical body and visits their loved on in a different place on the physical plane or in the spirit realm. The place is usually a beautiful one with flowers, trees, and bodies of water.

Physical Phenomena ADC’s

Many reports have been made about physical phenomena ADC’s. These are the ones that can be seen. The television or radio may come on by themselves. Pictures on the walls may be turned upside down. Sometimes there are messages from the deceased left on computer screens. The children’s toys may turn on all by themselves. The house lights might flicker or turn on and off on their own.

Sentient ADC’s

One of the most common forms of After-Death Communication, sentient communication is feeling that the loved one is nearby. This feeling usually occurs within the first few weeks after the loved ones passing. It can happen for months or years after word. This is a gut feeling, not an actual touch.

Sleep state ADC’s

This type of ADC happens while the person is sleeping. It is a very vivid dream with both people present. The two people are usually in a familiar place. There is two way communications. It is as if you are really visiting the deceased person. The living do not know they are dreaming until they wake up.

Tactile ADC’s

Physically feeling the deceased loved one is nearby is another form of After-Death Communication. This can come in the form of a hug, a kiss, a touch on the arm, or a brush on the cheek. Tactile ADC’s usually come in a manner that the deceased used to show love and affection while they were alive.

Telephone ADC’s

Deceased loved ones can communicate with the living by using the telephone. This type of ADC can occur while the person is fully awake or while they are dreaming. The phone will ring and the living person answers it. The deceased will either send a short message to the person or they will have a two-sided conversation.

Twilight ADC’s

These are ADC’s that take place during the “alpha state” of consciousness. When the living wake up from a nap, come out of a meditative state, are falling asleep, or praying, they may see their loved one standing there when their eyes open.

Visual ADC’s

Seeing the ghostly form of a deceased loved one is another way the dead communicate with the living. The visions can be a partial form or a full formed ghost. They may look like foggy or they may look more solid.

Finding coins

Sometimes spirits leave coins behind to show loved ones that they were near. An example of this is when a living person vacuums their carpet then glances down and finds a penny sitting in a place that was already vacuumed. The date on the coin may have some significant meaning for the deceased person such as; the year they were born, married, had a child, met their loved one, died, or other specific events.

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