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Tylerites choose best BBQ joints


Politics, religion and...barbecue? Yup, add that to your list of taboo topics, at least among Tylerites. Convictions run deep when it comes to picking the preeminent purveyor of pig. But which one is really worth its sauce?

My unofficial poll was open for three days and garnered 26 votes/comments via Facebook and Twitter. Here are the highlights:


Stanley's and Country Tavern are top picks, with seven and six votes, respectively. "While Bodacious does have an incredible chopped beef sandwich and possibly the best potato salad around," Josh Koch of Tyler said, "the quality and character of Stanley's trumps them all! It's a little bit of that quirky Austin vibe and the stellar quality of food that makes it hands down the best BBQ in Tyler!"

Next in line are a tie between Bodacious and Hickory Fare, followed by two joints that are perhaps a little less known within the city limits, Ribmasters (in Whitehouse) and Purple Pig (in Flint). Both received adamant praise from their patrons, like this exclamation from Caelin Baker of Tyler:

"The absolute best is Ribmasters in Whitehouse! Hole-in-the-wall place but it is by far the best! All-you-can-eat ribs on Mondays and Friday nights, too! Fall off the bone YUM!"

(I have to admit, she was so enthusiastic that I had to try that one for myself. Watch for the Ribmasters article to be released soon.)

Restaurant chains Spring Creek and Rudy's got no votes in this poll, which surprised me, as they are both convenient and well-priced. Spring Creek offers the endless basket of homemade bread and huge portions, which is almost enough to sway me right there. And Rudy's has great atmosphere and an array of sauces and rubs in their on-site market.

So those are the results! Did I get it right? Do you have other suggestions? Be sure to leave a comment and add your own faves!


  • josh hamiten 5 years ago

    no one even comes close to ribmasters once you eat there you will throw rocks at the other places

  • Simone 4 years ago

    Thanks for the article, Tish. I think I'll try Stanley's first then work my way through the others that I haven't visited.