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Tyler Perry talks single women, stress and his new movie with Dr. Oz

Tyler Perry is appearing on the Friday, March 14 episode of "The Dr. Oz Show."
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Tyler Perry appeared on Friday’s episode of "The Dr. Oz Show" to promote his latest flick, "The Single Moms Club", in which he wrote, directed and starred alongside Nia Long and Amy Smart, among others. The 44-year-old actor, author, screen and playwright, producer, director, and songwriter offered advice to women, because he’s played one in the movies, and discussed how he copes with the stress of being a multitalented Hollywood media mogul.

During his side-by-side with Dr. Oz, Tyler Perry, star of “The Single Moms Club,” offered advice for women in America, which unfortunately, they don’t always take, as reiterated in his latest film due out March 14. The movie surrounds five struggling single mothers that form a support group to help them cope with life’s daily obstacles. Valuable life messages are interwoven throughout Perry’s film to inform females of how truly important they are.

When asked what advice Perry had to offer if he were a woman in America, Tyler humorously took on Madea’s persona as he answered the question on “The Dr. Oz Show.”

What would I do if I was a woman in America? Well, I have been a woman in America for a little while in the movies. (Out of character) I tell you the thing about it is, as I said, if I could just get people to put themselves on the list, take care of themselves enough to just know that you matter. And that's why I do these kinds of movies. That's why I do some of the films, they're really big, broad comedies, but they are these little messages in it that I'm hoping that if people see it, it reminds them of how valuable each life is and each story is. So that's what's important.

Dr. Oz and Tyler Perry then discussed the worst stresses women have to endure with two single mothers and then jointly played a game, which featured single moms' stress busters.

Apparently, being a multi-faceted Hollywood tycoon brings its own level of stress and Tyler Perry explained to Dr. Oz how pricey toys help him to deal with life's daily struggles.

You know what? I fly RC planes. Radio-controlled airplanes, yes, I fly them. I've got some that are huge. I mean, these things are like 15-feet, 20-feet long and I'm flying them. Only God would give me a hobby where I'm looking up at the sky. So I'm sitting there and I have to focus on what's happening with the plane in the air and it completely clears my head. But when one of those jokers crashes, I'm telling you right now, I want to cry because they are expensive. But that's what I do. That's what I do.

Tyler Perry’s new movie, “The Single Mom’s Club” hits theaters on Friday, March 14, as does his appearance on “The Dr. Oz Show;” check local listings for airings.

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