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Tyler Foster kicks bridesmaid: Guy splits pants in epic wedding kick pic fail

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Tyler Foster – the toe-touching mid-air split groomsman – is getting a “kick” out of some Internet fame, and a little embarrassment “to boot.” Okay, we promise not to roll out any more snarky puns, but come on, is this the most disastrous impromptu wedding picture or what?

Writes USA Today on July 13: “The photo, which was taken in Jamaica, was submitted to Reddit on July 10 and picked up by The website called it the ‘most disastrous wedding pic ever taken’ and it has been shared more than 13,200 times as of July 13.”

In the air is Spokane, Washington resident Tyler Foster, who traveled to Jamaica for his cousin’s wedding last month. Foster can only blame himself for the viral sharing of the goofy pic – he posted his own picture on Reddit as Tfoster7102. Millions have seen it.

The 28-year-old’s simple explanation: “So I jumped, kicked this bridesmaid in the head, and ripped my pants.”

Eating a little humble pie, Tyler said to ABC News: “I was kind of thinking I wish I could just stay up here and fly away.”

No worries Tyler, yours is not the first absurd wedding photo to make the online rounds of shame. A Google image search for “worst wedding photos” turns up some zingers.

The Huffington Post carried a slideshow pictorial of some of the worst of the worst a few year’s back. Writes HuffPost:

When it comes to weddings, snapping the perfect photo is just as important as the ceremony itself. That in mind, you could say that most of the following people failed. That these pics will NEVER make the wedding album. But that would be unfair. For the most part, all the couples in these pictures do look happy.

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