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Tyler Foster kicks bridesmaid: Epic wedding photo goes viral after epic fail

Tyler Foster kicks the bridesmaid at his cousin's wedding in the head, and now the photo is a viral sensation. There is no wildfire or tornado in the backdrop of this photo. The incident happened on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Tyler Foster decided to share his embarrassment with the world on Reddit, and the photo stirred things up. Canada Journal shared this man's story on July 15.

Tyler Foster turns a kick into an epic wedding photo fail
Tyler Foster Reddit

Tyler Foster was on the beach with his cousin and his new bride when the photographer snapped the epic shot. Foster decided to do a toe-touch, and he is high in the air when the camera captured the moment. However, he was also a bit too close to the bridesmaid standing next to him, and he kicked her in the head. The kick knocked the woman to the ground, but she suffered no injuries from the kick. She was not upset about it either, according to Tyler.

Tyler decided to share his photo on Reddit on July 10. Since he posted the photo, the post has received 1,000 comments and likes. USA Today reported that six million have looked at the photo, and over 13,200 have shared the photo. Tyler's story even aired on "Good Morning America" this week. He said the following about the epic photo fail, according to ABC News:

"I was kind of thinking I wish I could just stay up here and fly away. I whacked the bridesmaid in the head and split my pants right at the peak of my jump. She was laughing, I guess, after she picked herself up, but she wasn’t hurt or anything."

Foster further stated that some of the commenters asked him if the woman died after he kicked her to the head. That would definitely add something more to this story, but the woman is alive and well. Tyler is a bit embarrassed by all of the attention now though. He is a resident of Spokane, Wash., and the wedding took place in Jamaica. Tyler did not ruin his cousin's wedding, but the photo will give people that attended the wedding something epic to remember about the day.

Tyler is still talking to people that comment his photo share. Some are rude with their comments, but others enjoy the joke. Will someone else try to make this epic move at a wedding in the near future? At least one commenter to Tyler's post commented on that possibility at weddings set to happen this summer. Here is hoping that someone moves a bit further away from the person they are standing next to that day.

Users are calling this photo shared by Tyler Foster "most disastrous wedding pic ever taken" by, but the photo and the attention it has brought Tyler is far from disastrous it seems. He took a bad moment and laughed it off. Not many can actually do that. No one was hurt. This photo intended to be a fun moment, and it still is a fun moment. The world just knows about it now.

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