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Tyler Doohan hailed as hero: Boy saves family in fire, dies trying to help uncle

Young Tyler Doohan is being mourned this week, all the while being hailed as a hero. The 8-year-old saved six family members from a burning trailer in Rochester, N.Y., but then died in the fire himself. Newser shared the details on Jan. 21.

Tyler Doohan, 8, hailed as hero after saving family but dying in trailer fire
Screencap via Newsy

Doohan was staying at his grandfather's trailer overnight because he didn't have school Monday. He apparently stayed there frequently, the Democrat & Chronicle noted, and there were quite a few other family members staying there that night as well.

A fire broke out in the trailer around 4:45 a.m., and Tyler Doohan was able to wake up the others to get them out of the trailer. Then Tyler went to help his disabled uncle, but they were unable to escape the blaze. Doohan's grandfather also died in the fire. Those who escaped include two young children, ages 4 and 6, Tyler's grandmother, aunt and cousins. Those who made it out are said to have had fairly minor injuries.

Tyler Doohan's story is a heartbreaking one, as he selflessly sacriced his own life to try to save the rest of his family. Photos of the burned-out trailer make it clear that without Doohan's efforts, the loss of life for his extended family would likely have been far greater. His mother is, of course, devastated, but proud of her young son's heroic efforts.

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