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Tyler Doohan: 8-year-old boy sacrifices life to save disabled uncle

Tyler Doohan was an 8-year-old boy who saved six family members in a trailer house fire. He did not make it.
Commons Wikimedia

Tyler Doohan was an eight-year-old boy who put his family before himself when a fire ignited at his grandfather's trailer house in Rochester, NY Monday morning. Newser reports Jan. 21 that the young boy woke up six people in the trailer when their home was engulfed in flames. Those six made it out okay, but when Tyler tried saving his disabled uncle, they did not make it. His grandfather was also killed in the trailer, which was actually owned by him.

Tyler Doohan saved six people out of the nine people and is being hailed a hero for his brave and magnificent gesture. His body was found in the back of the trailer near his uncle. The condition of the trailer was in bad shape and it is believed an electrical malfunction may have caused the fire. The report went on to say that the local school superintendent was not at all surprised that Tyler Doohan did such a heroic thing.

"That's the type of young man he was, and in my heart and the heart of East Rochester, he's a true hero," the superintendent said.

This is a sad story that shows what a great young man Tyler Doohan was. Not many children would think to be so brave and grown-up in the midst of a harrowing experience like a house fire. He is the type of person kids and adults alike should strive to be like.

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