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Tyler Bryant, Nashville's new kid on the block is seriously the real deal

Tyler Bryant concert photo by Ric Farrah shot at The Rutledge, Nashville, TN
Tyler Bryant live at The Rutledge

If the industry is on the hunt for the next slash and burn, teen throb, heart-break guitar rocker, he’s arrived.  Rock fans, it’s only a matter of time if you haven’t heard of Tyler Bryant. 

Bryant, the 18 year old Texan transplant made his Nashville debut only 7 short months ago, five years after being discovered by Jody Williams, vice president of Writer/Publisher Relations at BMI.  The two met when Bryant was only thirteen. Williams told the budding guitarist that they would work together someday in Nashville. Those words proved to be prophetic.

In a town known for chewing up and spitting out new talent, particularly new guitar players, Bryant is embracing all that the music capital has to offer.

Tylor Bryant concert photography by Ric Farrah shot at The Rutledge, Nashville, TN
From left to right: Tyler Bryant, Caleb Crosby and Calvin Bishop

Bryant was in a hurry to go pro.  At seventeen, with the consent of his parents, he left home and headed for Nashville. Bryant was still attending Honey Grove High School when he left before graduation. He managed to complete his senior year by enrolling in online classes and then walked with his class at graduation.

In just a few months since leaving his small hometown of Honey Grove, Bryant hooked it up with his band mates, Caleb Crosby and Calvin Bishop. Together the brand new three piece, guitar, bass and drums, pack a huge high energy - real classic rock and roll punch.

Tyler Bryant concert photography by Ric Farrah shot at The Rutledge, Nashville, TN
Tyler Bryant up close and personal

Bryant’s career is full throttle at a break-neck pace.  He has signed with CAA, not an easy task. The agency has already hooked him up as an opening act for both Styx and Heart.

An act this strong is a headliner's nighmare. Bryant will not be opening long. In addition to opening for superstars, there are two labels courting him. Now he and his manger, Tim Kaiser are shopping an entertainment lawyer.  While he was reluctant to go on the record, (pardon the pun) as to which labels were showing interest, he did say that he sold first song, “All We Know”,  which was recorded by the Warner Brothers' act American Bang.  Could there be a connection? Bryant wouldn’t say.

If you are the type of person who enjoys watching pro talent come up through the ranks with an, “I knew him when”, you had better hurry.  Tyler Bryant is about to take off like a well guided missile..

For more info: Contact Tim Kaiser (818) 590-5642 Visit Tyer Bryant on MySpace. Be sure to see the slide show of the entire concert including guests guitarists shot at The Rutledge, Nashville, TN.