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Tylenol recall - 4th one in 7 months

Tylenol issues yet another recall
Tylenol issues yet another recall
courtesy of AP

 Johnson & Johnson is under fire once again with a massive recall of Tylenol medications, the fourth recall for McNeil (a division of Johnson & Johnson) in the last seven months. The FDA is checking out reports of over 700 serious side effects from drugs that have been the target of the recalls by McNeil. Of those reports 30 resulted in death, but so far cannot be tied to the recalled drugs. May 1st found McNeil recalling 50 chidren's versions of the medications following several reports concerning serious side effects and 7 deaths.

The first recall happened in November 2009 when some of the Tylenol Arthritis Pain 100 count was noted to have a suspicious odor that lead to vomiting, abdominal pain and diarrhea. By December, a second recall was issued to include all of the bottles of the arthritis medication. At the start of 2010, a third recall was made to include not only Tylenol, but Motrin and other varieties of medicine after consumer reports about illness stemming from an odor.

With it's once golden reputation now tarnished, Johnson & Johnson has suspended all production at the McNeil Fort Washington plant. McNeil is vowing to get back to the status of high quality production, something Johnson & Johnson demands from it's companies. An indepenent pharmaceutical consulting firm has been hired to help identify and make corrective changes to improve the quality and manufacturing of the Fort Washington plant. Congressional hearings will be held on Thursday about the McNeil product recalls.