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Tye 'Glenn' Champ, who ran for governor of California, allegedly shoots neighbor

Tye Glenn Champ
Tye Glenn Champ
ABC News screenshot

Tye “Glenn Champ, who ran for governor in California earlier in 2014 has been arrested. He has been arrested as a suspect of a shooting. According to ABC News, he is suspected of shooting his neighbor and killing his neighbor’s horse. Champ, 48, allegedly shot his neighbor in the stomach.

The Fresno County Sheriff Department says Champ was arrested the day after he reportedly shot the neighbor during a dispute in Prather. Prather is an area some 30 miles northeast of Fresno, California. When officials took him into custody, the arrest was made without incident.

The dispute, according to Lt. John Golden, was over work being done on a private road in the area. Apparently, Champ took out a pistol while in the presence of his neighbor – who is 40 years old – and his neighbor’s 13-year-old son. With the gun, Champ also killed a horse that was in a nearby pasture.

Champ is said to have left the scene in a blue Volkswagen sedan. During a traffic stop on Friday, Champ was arrested in nearby Tulare County. By then, he had been wanted on suspicion of attempted murder, child endangerment, and animal cruelty.

Champ campaigned as a Republican candidate for governor of California. He made his pitch to the voters for the job during this year’s primary election. He tried to sell himself to the public, in spite of his criminal past, by saying that he had changed his life for the better since being in prison. Additionally, he said that he had found God.

While speaking before the media and public on the last day of the GOP convention, Champ told his audience that he represents a whole new breed of Christian soldier. He also said that he spent the last 20 years of his life cleaning up his past – in God’s name. Using that pitch to the voters, he received 1.8 percent of the vote on June 3. The latest allegations against him don't make him sound so godly either.

Included in Champs’ criminal past is the fact that he is a registered sex offender. According to the Fresno Bee, the neighbor who was shot had surgery. His condition is not known.

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