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Ty Dennis project Three From None goes to Kickstarter

The Kickstarter program started out as a way for filmmakers to fund their projects, get friends and fans to be the angels for the project and donate money for prizes. It worked so successfully that Kickstarter soon made the leap and started accepting artistic projects of all types. In the past we’ve had a couple Doors related projects that went to Kickstarter and in Ty Dennis, who was the drummer for the various incarnations of the Manzarek-Krieger Band and he’s now seeking to fund an EP for his band Three From None.

Three From None includes Ty Dennis, Lawrence Marciano, and Ian Solomon.
Three From None website

Three From None consists of Dennis on the drums Lawrence Marciano on guitar and vocals, and Ian Solomon on bass. The group started putting together their CD in 2006, but with things happening like tours and marriage and children the group wasn’t able to fully realize the dream of their own CD. The band has decided the time is now and put together their Kickstarter program to raise $5500 to pay for studio time, mixing and mastering the CD as well as the CD artwork and producing the CD’s.

The EP will boast a Robby Krieger slide guitar solo on one song, and dedicating the EP to Ray Manzarek. For your donation to financing the EP Three From None is offering some very cool premiums ranging from digital downloads of the EP, photographs and t-shirts of the band, all the way to personal drum lessons from Dennis, and coming out to L.A. to hangout and jam with the band!

Three From None is trying to raise $5500 and they have 29 days left (remember Kickstarter is all or nothing proposition, if they don’t raise the full amount they don’t get any money). You can listen to their song “Just a Simple Man” (it’s a pretty rocking song!) and then you can go to their Kickstarter site and donate what you can. Kickstarter is a good way to support artists trying to get their work out to the world, and if you’ve seen the Manzarek-Krieger Band in any form you’ve seen and heard Dennis’ work and it’s a good way to support a Doors related project as well as getting new music out to the world. Three From None at Kickstarter, the Three From None Facebook page, or Ty Dennis’ Facebook page.

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