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TX17 Candidate Flores changes FEC donation data


  • christopher 6 years ago

    Sometimes the most reasonable explanation. is the most understandable.

    Flores and Gohmert were old college buddies. Flores sent Gohmert a contribution when he lived in sugar land years ago. He sent him a few contributions after Gohmert won the seat.

    The kid that keeps track of the financial contributions failed to update his current address information.

    Look, let us take a step back for a moment and assume the worst. Flores told a blatent lie regarding his employer and his address. Why did he do that?

    There isn't any rational explanation to engage in blatant fraud.

    This issue is silly.

  • Kristofer Cowles 6 years ago

    Christopher - Thanks for the comment. I sure don't begrudge a man the right to donate to whom he wants, so that's not issue to me. I think you are just providing background information on their relationship, which I think I speak for everyone when i say thanks. Filling in the blanks always helps!

    Do you know that the "kid" failed to update his current information? And why, if the kid was looking at the disclosure form that would have the address right next to the name, would he ignore the address?

    I've asked that question before and, you are right, "there isn't any rational explanation to engage in blatant fraud", and I don't suspect any blatant fraud. I believe the reasonable explanation is something less sinister than even some random kid making a random data entry mistake... My experience in and around Congressional campaigns does not allow for such a data entry mistake WITHOUT it being blatant fraud...and I don't think Mr. Flores committed fraud or broke the law in any way.

  • christopher 6 years ago

    What other issue could it possibly be if it wasn't a data entry mistake? You agree it wasn't fraud, so what other logical explanation is there? I can't think of anything, but perhaps I'm just not that bright.

    As I stated earlier, Flores made donations to Gohmert's campaign when he still lived in Sugar Land. This put his name, employer, address, job title, etc into the campaign's database software. He later moved to Bryan and made another donation to the campaign.

    I imagine that the person that managed the donation database entered in Flores' name, did a search, saw Flores' information was already listed, and didn't think to update his info.

    This may not be the exact scenario of course, but I suspect it's at least something very similar. I think the fact that the information was updated backs up my point. Bookkeeping mistakes happen, even in a tightly regulated field like congressional campaigns.

    That is my assumption. If you have any other ideas, I'd love to hear th

  • christopher 6 years ago

    I answered your question about why I thought he changed it, but did not address why he changed it now.

    I think the answer to your last question is self-evident. I think he probably tried to get the Gohmert campaign to correct the information because he's currently running for congress, and he's aware that local bloggers are going through his history with a fine tooth comb ;). I'd imagine that he'd want to try to correct this type of obvious mistake in order to neutralize what is ultimately a silly issue.

    I'm glad that you have given your time to research and report on Flores. After all, he is a rich guy who jumped into the race at the last moment. That generally raises some flags, so performing due diligence is important. The carpetbagger and voting in the democrat primary are legitimate issues. (They're easily explainable in my mind, but they're legitimate, especially when someone can self finance.) But the tenuous connection to Soros and this donation? There's really nothing th

  • Kristofer Cowles 6 years ago

    Christopher - I posted an update in the article itself addressing this. You were right.

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