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Two Xbox One system updates incoming including fix to party system

Xbox One
Xbox One
The first Xbox One system update is incoming. (Microsoft)

Microsoft announced Wednesday that the Xbox One will receive a system update next week followed by a second update in March. These updates will be the first steps toward addressing customer wishes since the console launched last November.

The first update will arrive Feb. 11 and will give users the ability to see and manage the storage space on the Xbox One. This also includes the ability to manage the download queue so that users can choose which game or app to download first. Apps and games will also be broken out into separate lists to make them easier to use and manage as well.

One common complaint from those that own an Xbox 360 was the lack of a controller battery life indicator for the Xbox One. That will be included in the Feb. 11 update along with the ability to plug in and use a USB keyboard.

Meanwhile, the March 11 update will coincide with the launch of Titanfall and will contain "contain many new features and improvements" which includes updates to the multiplayer and party systems. The party system has been a thorn in the side for Xbox One users since the console's launch as it has just not worked as smoothly and easily as the Xbox 360.

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