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Two women arrested for stealing hat, blanket and wine from Governor Jay Inslee

On Friday, the KOMO News website reports that authorities had arrested two women for breaking into Governor Jay Inslee’s office at the state Capitol building. Inslee is the governor of Washington. Authorities arrested Emily Huntzicker, 22, and Rachel Kamiya, 29, for breaking into the governor’s office and stealing his personal items. Video of the incident was also released to the media on Friday.

Two women arrested for stealing personal items from Governor Jay Inslee.
KOMO News Facebook page

Authorities report the women climbed through a second-floor window on June 15. They stole a state trooper hat, blanket, a mask, a bottle of wine, and a picture of the governor with former NBA star Magic Johnson. A state patrol cadet noticed the missing items the next day and reviewed video footage that captured the burglary. Authorities arrested Huntzicker after a traffic stop and recovered the missing state trooper hat and a bottle of wine (empty) inside Huntzicker’s vehicle. Authorities arrested Kamiya at her place of employment.

The Olympian reported that Huntzicker was held on suspicion of burglary charges and possession of stolen property. The article didn’t mention charges against Kamiya. The women will be arraigned in July.

Authorities don’t believe either woman knew they had broken into the governor’s office. The duo didn’t steal any computers or expensive items. Instead, they just took what they could easily carry away. The state police avoided publicizing the robbery as a preventive to keep the women from destroying evidence. Authorities found fingerprints at the scene, but they didn’t appear in a law enforcement database. Since neither woman had a criminal background, their fingerprints would not have appeared.

According to the governor’s website, Jay Inslee is from the Seattle area. He graduated from the University of Washington with an economics degree. He then attended law school at Willamette University. The governor is a former prosecutor and served in Congress from 1998 to 2012.

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