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Two weeks remain in MA special election Senate race


   State Sen. Scott Brown (

The state-wide Special Election to fill the vacated U.S. Senate seat will take place exactly two weeks from today. Turnout is expected to be low, especially with the lack of television ads during this abbreviated stretch since the Primaries this past December.

For the Democrats, Attorney General Martha Coakley appears to be the current front-runner in the race. Coakley battled through her Primary holding the same title, front-runner; but did have to fend off some attacks near the end. She's been facing some more substantive attacks from her challengers this time around; including a radio debate which just took place today on WTTK.

For the Republicans, two-term State Senator Scott Brown (Norfolk/Middlesex/Bristol District) looks to make a strong challenge at Coakley. Brown started with a significant money difference to overcome, which wasn't a very big issue in his Primary (since perennial candidate Jack E. Robinson got into the race very late); but is a pretty big issue now, since Coakley has a war chest advantage. The National Republican Party has been sending a solid amount of money his way to this point, and have done phone banking for him. It remains to be seen whether they're run actual ads for him or not.

Brown is making good use of Social Networking sites like Twitter and Facebook, and seems to be the only candidate in the race interested in tapping into new media sources. That, combined with the recent endorsement of Fmr. Gov. Mitt Romney, appears to giving Brown some momentum at the right time. It remains to be seen whether or not he can truly close the gap in two weeks time.

The wildcard is the Libertarian Candidate with the very familiar name, especially when you remember who held the seat last. Software Developer and business executive Joseph Kennedy is running a shoestring budget of a campaign; but appears to be making some significant inroads in the electorate as a viable third party option.

The latest Rasmussen Poll shows Coakley leading Brown 50% - 41%. An additional 7% said they were undecided. Kennedy was not included in this poll.

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