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Two weeks left to see JEERK

JEERK in action
JEERK in action

JEERK, the award-winning show at the Hughes Brothers Theatre, is playing until August 26.

With JEERK, a group from Sweden, it's all about rhythm. The show is an explosion of tap dance, percussion, singing and humour. Because rhythm is a universal human experience, the show appeals to audiences of all ages and nationalities.

Get ready for the talent of these five performers who create music from ordinary items - maybe a chair, a lunchbox, a barrel - who knows what you'll see and hear. You'll definitely get caught up in the energy and enthusiasm of the show.

This innovative and fun show leaves audiences tapping their feet and humming as they head for home!

Shows at the Hughes Brother Theatre are either at 10:00 in the morning, 2:00 in the afternoon, or 8:00 in the evening. JEERK will have performances at all three times between now and August 26. For a schedule, visit

Experience JEERK's creativity and fun before they end their season on August 26!