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Two ways to celebrate oatmeal month

Delicious Oatmeal Options
Delicious Oatmeal Options

While lots of restaurants offer delicious, yet not so healthy breakfast offerings like eggs Benedict, pancakes, and omelettes; oatmeal is a great alternative, when committing to those New Years resolutions.

January is Oatmeal month and Denver has a number of restaurants that cook up steaming hot bowls of comforting oats. Two local favorites are Benedict's and Racine's.

Benedict's, located a few miles south of Denver in Greenwood Village has a sweet and satisfying version of the healthy, warm cereal. Their version is an "Apple Streusel Oatmeal." Waiters deliver the oatmeal to your table, topped with warm apples, brown sugar, and nuts. It is the perfect combination of healthy and sinful. The delicious and crunchy brown sugar, satisfies your sweet tooth, and the oats and apples provide a dose of fiber and vitamins.

As a Denver favorite, Racine's has an enormous brunch menu. It is often difficult to decide what to indulge in at this fabulous breakfast spot. Yet again, when starting the new year, with so many people making an effort to eat and live healthier, oatmeal is a great option. Racine's dish offers cooked oats with raisins and walnuts. Guests can add fresh fruit to their bowl, ranging from bananas to blueberries. On the side is a piece of swiss fruit bread, which features prunes and gives diners the opportunity to celebrate both prunes and oatmeal during the month of January.