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Two University of Miami football players have been charged with sexual battery

 Alex Figueroa (36)  in play
Alex Figueroa (36) in play
Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

The sports world has been deeply saddened by a report of an alleged rape of a teen girl by two University of Miami football players. Two University of Miami football players have been accused of sexually assaulting a physically helpless classmate reported ABC News on July 9, 2014. The two players were arrested on sexual battery charges on Tuesday and kicked off the team and campus for the alleged sexual assault incident involving a 17-year-old girl.

JaWand Blue and Alex Figueroa, who are both 20-year-old linebackers, were booked Tuesday according to court and jail records. The two players admitted to getting the girl drunk and then allegedly raping her several times in Figueroa’s dormitory room over the 4th of July weekend. The two players turned themselves in. The alleged incident was reported to the university police by the accuser and the Coral Gables police department investigated the incident.

Blue and Figueroa confessed that they bought several alcoholic beverages for the victim. According to an affidavit they than got her intoxicated and left her physically helpless to resist their sexual advances as they allegedly performed sexual acts without her consent. Students at the University of Miami said they were stunned by the incident. In a statement the University of Miami athletic director Blake James said Blue and Figueroa have since been barred from campus.

Blue and Figueroa admitted to the police that they got a 17-year-old girl intoxicated and then raped her on campus
reports the Miami Herald. James said any allegation of a sexual assault is taken extremely seriously and that the University of Miami will not tolerate conduct which threatens the sanctity and safety of the students and campus. He went on to say all of the students and especially student athletes are held to the highest standards of moral conduct. This incident has been devastating for the teen girl and her family and friends.

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