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Two types of women

     There is no shortfall of the different lifestyle aspects of women in Atlanta. There are women activists, politicians, corporate leaders, and stay at home moms, just to name a few. Yet, there are only two types of women God is concerned about - a wise one and a foolish one.

     Interestingly enough, the Bible specifically mentions the difference between a wise and a foolish woman in Proverbs 14:1; “The wise woman builds her house, but with her own hands the foolish one tears hers down.”

     As we walk through this life, every choice we make contributes a brick to the foundation we will continue to build for the rest of our lives. The building can have an impact on the foundation of other people as well. Often times, we may not know when the things we say or do will cross the line of destroying bricks in the foundation of what we have built.

     There is no better time than now to examine what our foolish tendencies are and how we can correct them. As women, we have a God-given influence within us to instill and nurture spiritual wisdom in those around us. Ironically, this involves accepting and correcting some issues within our own character first.

We have to know when to be quiet and let God do his work. We have to hear the voice of God saying: “let me handle this for you.” God has a way of working out situations in a manner that is beneficial to everyone involved.

     Have a talk with God today. Ask him to help you to be a wise woman who continually builds her house and other people’s houses up and not tear them down.



  • Tally 5 years ago

    Great article Monica! In Psalm 128:3, it says we are to be like a fruitful vine within our house; our children will be like olive shoots around our table.

  • Mo 5 years ago

    Thanks Tally! I appreciate your feedback!

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