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Two Texas Tech football players charged with felonies

Tommy Tuberville has more fraud problems, this time with players.
Tommy Tuberville has more fraud problems, this time with players.
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Two Texas Tech football players have been arrested and charged with felonies. Jace Amaro and Kenny Williams were both booked into the Lubbock County Jail on charges of credit/debit card abuse. Jace Amaro was also charged with misrepresenting his age. Both players were expected to be major contributors to the 2012 Texas Tech football team.

Whether or not either player will actually see the field in 2012 is an open question, at the moment. Texas Tech appears to be inclined to wait for the Lubbock Police Department to finish its investigation. The university released the following statement:

"Texas Tech will allow the Lubbock Police Department to conduct its investigation into the matter involving two football student-athletes. Once that investigation has been completed and more facts are known, the university and head coach Tommy Tuberville will take appropriate disciplinary action if necessary."

Texas Tech needs this to go away and they need it to go away quickly. If these allegations of felony fraud are true, it creates all sorts of questions that Texas Tech and Tommy Tuberville may have a hard time answering. It would be problematic to kick two players off the football team for committing fraud, given that the head coach is being sued for defrauding investors. The two players have actually been charged with a crime, Tommy Tuberville has not been charged with any crime. Even so, it creates a huge public relations problem.

It also opens up the question of what type of players Texas Tech is recruiting. Much has been made by some media outlets about recruiting class rankings under Coach Tuberville. The debate will now be whether the classes have been inflated with athletes of questionable character. Texas Tech did not need any more stories that could make it look like it might have an out of control athletic program. Maybe this is what schools have to put up with to win championships.

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