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Two teens fall to death: London teens kissing on balcony plummet six stories

Two teens fell to their death off a London balcony this week; witnesses at the event said the young couple was kissing intensely when they heard a loud scream and a strange noise. Police officials are investigating both the status of the teens at the time of the tragic accident as well as the balcony itself, which was situated on the sixth story of the edifice. News Oxy shares this Thursday, June 12, 2014, that although the identities of the teens remain undisclosed at this point in time, it is known that a 19-year-old female and 18-year-old male were the victims in this fall.

Two teens fall to their death in London from a balcony
Wikimedia Commons

When two teens fall to their death, it’s certain to make headlines both in London and abroad. This Wednesday night, only a few minutes after midnight, the romantic couple was said to be very close and kissing intensely out on the balcony. However, officials say that something caused the pair of teens to fall from the ledge and plummet to their deaths. It is not anticipated by investigators that any foul play is involved, though an exact reason for the tragedy is unclear.

A late night party was apparently taking place at the time of the accident — both the 19-year-old woman and 18-year-old man were attendees who went outside for a little fresh air and alone time together. It's unknown if alcohol was involved.

“This appears to be a tragic accident and our thoughts go out to the families and those that knew them,” Insp. Shaun Carre-Brown said. “Our interviewed witnesses said to local media sites that the two teens were seen out on the balcony kissing and “frolicking” for a few minutes after midnight before they fell. A few people said that they heard a loud scream and then a noise.”

Only a day after the shocking incident, the place where the two teens plummeted down six stories has already been marked as a memorial site of sorts. Opposing Views has confirmed that a large set of flowers were set at the base of Knights Tower, where the couple was allegedly said to have been kissing and fallen. According to the press release, one witness claims that the teens were actually trying to have sex on the balcony, and that their dangerous activity is what resulted in the accident.

“They were trying to have sex on the balcony, the guy was lifting the girl and putting her on the bannister, he kept on doing it,” he said. “He was putting her on there – they were going back and forth. You could see they were doing some really dangerous stuff.”

It was said by this same inside London source that the couple went back inside together for a while to enjoy the party, but then came back out together for a little more “private time.” Apparently, during one of their intense kissing — or more — sessions, it got taken too far, and the incident occurred.

“I don’t know if she slipped or it was him pushing forward that took them both over, it just happened so quickly,” she said. “I just can’t get the image out of my head. I thought it would be better today, but it’s not. I don’t know if what I saw will ever go away.”

A number of emergency 911 calls were made after party goers heard the couple’s scream. The investigation continues this Thursday.

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