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Two stories this week with conflicting Whitehouse messages


  • JM 6 years ago

    I was wondering the same thing about the funding. How in the world is it OK for him to commit funds to these groups, when it is illegal for everyone else. It really paints a bad picture when the president breaks the law and makes it seem like a good idea. Why is he not accountable.

  • Ship of fools 6 years ago

    "why did the federal government Export-Import Bank give 2 billion to Petrobra"

    To help Oilbamma friend and financier George Soros!?

  • herb 6 years ago

    Chief walking eagle speak with forked tongue!

  • Marty 6 years ago

    There's minor detail left out in that appropriation of $400 million to Hamas. A president cannot appropriate a penny. Congress does that. So if that money ever gets appropriated and sent to Hamas it will only be with the consent of Congress. A bill to appropriate that money to Hamas hasn't even gone to committee. But if it does and if it passes and is signed into law, should we also charge all members of Congress with treason? The money to fund the wars during the Bush administration was passed by Republican and Democratic Congresses. The money to bail out banks and AIG was passed by Congress. I like to blame this president for a lot of bone headed decisions too. But spending doesn't happen without the consent of Congress. And we all keep sending the same stooges back to Congress year after year after year. Why? Because the bring home the bacon/pork. Until we change Congress this country will not change.

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